Beginners yoga is designed for students new to yoga, as well as students wishing to refine and refresh their yoga practice. In time you will learn all elements needed to experience a 'complete' yoga practice. You will develop confidence in your practice, grow stronger, more flexible and stable, and you'll find a new connection with your breath, body and mind. You’ll be taught to move into, hold and come out of postures correctly and safely. We will introduce you into breathing exercises and meditation.


Ideal for both beginner students and also more advanced students who would like a slower practice and a chance to fine-tune their alignment


At MANUMISSION we base our flowing vinyasa classes on a modified Ashtanga series. There is a strong link of movement with the breath.                             The flowing pace of vinyasa classes can be faster or slower depending on your teacher. All classes build well-rounded fitness. You will be working all parts of your body from toes and fingers to larger muscle groups: Arms, shoulders, chest, your core and legs. 


Yin Yoga is an ideal way to find inner stillness and stress relief in our busy world.  Yin Yoga is  a complementary practice to balance the effects of more active forms of yoga, exercise and work. This form of yoga will mostly consist of a series of long-held, passive poses. You'll be focusing on connective tissues and fascia. Most classes will contain a longer meditation component.