M A R C   W I T T E N B E R G    After a long career in design - Marc has been consistently teaching yoga for the last 5 years. Originally trained by Duncan Peak of Power Living Yoga (200h). He is enjoying the ongoing teachings and mentorship of Eileen Hall (Ashtanga Yoga Moves Sydney).  His energetic and demanding classes are result driven but also an experience with lots of fun and joy. Marc 's most transforming experiences have come from Buddhist Vipassana Meditation and the strong and challenging Ashtanga Yoga Lineage. His classes will mix elements of Cross Fit and Free Movement inspired exercises.   

C A T A R I N A    S A R T O R     discovered Yoga 12 year ago in her home town in Brazil. She recognises how  lucky she was to be introduced firstly to the mystical  aspects of Yoga,  like chanting and devotion.... as well as the power of the physical practice. She completed her 500 hours Yoga teacher training in Byron Bay in 2008. It was through this training in Byron Bay that she met her beloved mentor and dearest friend Clive Sheridan. And indeed his teachings woke her up for living a blissful existence.

In 2009 she fell in love with Ashtanga Yoga. Since then she has been incredibly fortunate to have been learning and teaching Ashtanga yoga for 5 years through PARAMPARA with her teacher and great friend Eileen Hall. PARAMPARA is knowledge that is passed in succession from teacher to student. It is a Sanskrit word that denotes the principle of transmitting knowledge in its most valuable form; knowledge based on direct and practical experience. Finally in 2012 she made her first trip to India and has been returning  to the city of  Mysore to learn and practice Ashtanga many times. Her teacher there is R. Sharath Jois, practitioner and lineage holder (paramaguru) of Ashtanga Yoga, in the tradition of K. Pattabhi Jois. 

C H A I T A N Y A M A I C H A E L M A L A G A   Chaitanya delivers a harmonious approach of breath and movement with awareness. Through the practices of Hatha yoga,  he presents a sequence of dynamic yoga postures, breath expansion and deep relaxation. He encourages you to embrace all aspects of your being – your physical and mental health, balancing your emotions and creating a sense of clarity and lightness.

He met his first yoga teachers Yogi Charu and Sudevi Sundari in 2006. Ashram experience  – 4yrs. exploring various paths of approaches of yoga. With over 12 years of dedication to yoga life, Chaitanya is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher, his training is based on the traditions of hatha, tantra and meditation. He continues to learn from senior teachers such as Eileen Hall (Yogamoves), Carolin Coggins (East Redfern Yoga) and Swami Satyadharma (Academy of Yoga science). Chaitanya works closely with leading business organisations and teaches yoga classes in offices, and special events such as health retreats in Australia and overseas 

A S H A  D A N I E L S   - Indian/Canadian Yoga Teacher was born and grew up in India living there for 27 years before moving to Sydney in 2014. Trained in India under Master Teachers from the Bihar School of Yoga, Asha is a qualified ERYT 500 Hatha Yoga Teacher and has taught for almost 10 years both in India and Australia. She currently offers regular Yoga classes and Yoga Philosophy education to support students 'Living the practice of Yoga' in daily life. Once a year Asha takes students from Sydney on a guided-experience of Yoga and Ayurveda in the South of India

C H R I S T I N E C A M P E A U is a qualified Massage therapist and Yoga instructor with 20 years experience in the wellness industry. Health and holistic therapies have been a constant theme in her life. Her great passion lies in the ability to nurture others and provide support in the pursuit of their wellbeing. She spent her formative years in the fitness field and stress management creating programs for the Corporate world. With an increasing interest in the physical and spiritual nourishment of her clients she dedicated her time to different methods of Yoga . Starting with Iyengar to Sivannanda study in their Ashram in the Bahamas, to 4 years of Ashtanga in Byron bay ,she developed her own style of flow ,focusing on alignment, breath ,mindfulness ,with lightness and grace. Christine taught Yoga at the renowned Gaia spa in Byron Bay for 7 years and provided massage, yoga and meditation at the acclaimed rehab clinic The Sanctuary. She conducts wellness retreats every year and has a broad knowledge and understanding of the human form.

C A R L L O R T Z Always interested in consciousness and mythology, Carl first started regular asana yoga practice in the Iyengar style 20 years ago following a serious back injury and has been a consistent yoga practitioner ever since. These days Carl's main focus is the ashtanga tradition and other vinyasa sequences with a more specific therapeutic or restorative intent. His First formal studies In yoga include: Teacher training with Jivamukti and Matthew Sweeney, plus further studies in ki yoga, and yoga anatomy/biomechanics with Simon Borg-Oliver.
He has been privileged to have received mentoring from the highly esteemed Eileen Hall, Fiona Parker, and Matthew Sweeney. Carl is always interested in learning more and passionate about making yoga useful for all practitioners yet maintains a deep reverence and fascination with yogic methods to improve equilibrium and gain greater insights into consciousness.